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What is RPG?
RPG is abbreviation for role-playing game. This site is about Text Based RPG also known as online web RPG. Text Based RPG are text based role-playing games that can be played on almost any browser anywhere on any computer with an internet connection.
Why play a web RPG game?
Because an RPG can last forever! So no ending? Yes! Never ends. What can you do in all that 100 years if you play one game? Your char will get stronger and stronger! Finding and build items, just chat, making friends or enemies, fighting monsters or each other, try to cheat or play fair, become the number one on the ladder, build chars and sell for money, sell items, help new players, the possibilities are endless.
Lords of Lords RPG game Meadow 3
Free text based online RPG game, fight monsters, explore worlds, chat or duel other online players. Allot races to choose from, fast fighting, no email required to sign up, it's easy, it's fast, it's free!.
Lords of Lords RPG game .NET
Configure and rule your own free online web RPG game! Tell all your friends to come and visit your world! How to get a world started? Just signup and login then follow the steps at create your own world.
War Unit RPG game
A new war game! Every hour you get some acres of land and some stealth points you decide what is going to happen to the other players. A Online Multiplayer Strategy and Massacre Game. Instant Building Control, Population Control, Infiltration, Land Grab, Plunder or Transfer for helping your mates online with money!

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